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In Vorbereitung und demnächst im Angebot für Sie:


Haben Sie Wunnschthemen, wie z. B. 

  • Bedienung von speziellen SPORTRONIC Geräten
  • Naturwissenschaftliche Grundlagen oder Systemphilosophien unserer Produkte
  • oder andere Themen?

Dann lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen!

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We are working for you on our new Website

Innovation, current product design, latest technology, and responsive webdesign are paramount in this context.

We want to present further help and impressions to our customers. For this we are currently preparing a webinar center. Impressions in text, image and video form are accessible to you within short in order to become familiar with projects, events, and design examples of our company.

The hitherto existing comprehensive offer of our Event-Service will be e expanded with video livestream technologies for internet TV, mobile video walls, and stadium hot spots including versatile online-services.

A new online-shop with an extended product range will be available soon.

During the next couple of days there might occur little discomforts. We apologize for any inconveniences.